A programme for people wishing to acquire a powerful set of tools for designing learning courses and to align their educational knowledge with best practices of instructional design from various segments of education.
learning experience design
post-diploma certificate
about the programme
October 2020 - June 2021
9 intensive contact sessions (2-4 days)

The course takes place on Universal University campus

Each module of the programme consists of independent online studies, webinars, and on-site classroom activities with instructors.

The core learning is set around solving cases and working on real-life projects provided by educational institutions. By the end of the course, the students will build a portfolio of 6-8 educational projects.
programme curriculum
The programme consists of 8 modules. Some of the modules ( marked with *) can be taken separately.
preliminary studies October 2020
  • context research through foresight process framework
  • audience analysis through interviews and observations)
  • conducting quantitative research
  • reading academic literature
educational programmes design and motivational design November - December 2020
  • educational goals and taxonomy
  • competence mapping
  • teaching methods
  • assessment of learning outcomes
  • blended learning design
  • online learning design
  • producing educational digital content
  • digital learning support environment
  • educational environments
  • student motivation analysis
  • motivational strategies in education
educational assessment* January 2021
  • understanding assessment
  • curriculum assessment
  • assessment of observed learning outcomes
  • designing assessment rubrics
  • designing assessment method
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creative techniques for educational design* February 2021
  • creative methods: TIPS, design thinking, lateral thinking, CRAFT
  • teaching through storytelling
  • designing Student Learning Journey
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educational leadership and team management* March 2021
  • horizontal leadership and co-creative approach
  • working with SMEs (subject matter experts) and education managers
  • leading projects and facilitating teamwork
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teaching skills* April 2021
  • teacher in adult and vocational education (andragogy)
  • teacher in children and school education (pedagogy)
  • presentation skills (public speaking)
  • design of teaching and presentation materials
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educational environment* May 2021
  • designing digital and physical learning spaces
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capstone project and portfolio June 2021
  • portfolio design
  • project presentation skills
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you will learn
to identify the needs of the audience, write clear learning outcomes, and create competence maps
to design and assess programmes for traditional settings and online learning experience using robust teaching frameworks
to lead teams to design complex educational programmes
to develop programmes for primary, secondary, further, and higher education, and for corporate trainings
you will
obtain comprehensive knowledge of teaching methods and acquire professional skills necessary for a job in education

receive diploma of professional retraining

create portfolio of educational programmes based on real-life cases set by the School's partners
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The list of instructors to be updated
Sonya Smyslova
Academic Director of the Universal University and the School of Education
Alexander Nenashev
Head of pdupd.co bureau
Anastasia Serazetdinova
Founder and partner of
Ed.Bureau, teacher of Literature, founder of learning project 'Bebung'
Vasily Lebedev
Founder and CEO of School of Creative Thinking IKRA
Victoria Elkina
Head of BIOCAD Corporate University
Darya Savelyeva
Instructional designer, PhD student at Maastricht University
Ekaterina Cherkes-zade
Director of Universal University
Kseniya Pletner
Business consultant, former Head of Personnel Training, Microsoft Russia
Renata Gizatulina
Instructional designer, consultant and curator of educational programmes
Alexander Fenin
Head of research at Yandex.Uchebnik
Maria Stashenko
Founder and partner at Wonderfull, Head of Center for Design Thinking
Petr Mazaev
Historian, head of the Social Sciences department at Khoroshkola, founder of Cultural Projects Laboratory
Alexander Grigoriev
Class Supervisor and English Teacher at The New School
Ekaterina Saminskaya
Senior manager of academic quality at Moscow Film School, guest lecturer at Letovo School
Daria Vyunova
Head of expert development and education quality department at OTUS school
Oleg Shvets
Online adult education expert at OTUS school
case studies for the previous intake were provided by
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137 750 ₽
The tuition fee can be paid in two installments.
The price for companies is 145 000 ₽. The discount of 5% is offered to the companies covering the tuition for 3 or 4 employees; the discount of 10% is offered to the companies covering the tuition for 5 or more employees.
An online interview is required for all applicants prior to the admission to the course.
price if paid before August 17
Fill in the application form
For admission you need: an application form, an original or a copy of a document about higher or secondary special education, or a certificate from a university or university for training at the moment, 2 photos of 3x4 in size and a passport (presented when submitting documents).
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