Post-diploma programme for heads of schools, colleges, universities, continuing education centers for adults or children, as well as for heads of functional departments of educational organizations.

management and leadership in education

post-diploma certificate

about the programme

February 10 — July 31, 2022

308 ac. hours, 5 intensive offline sessions
2-3 days, as well as online sessions once a week

Training takes place on site
Universal University
The programme modules consist of independent work with video lectures, webinars, and articles, as well as classroom work with a teacher.

Students will do a team project following a brief from a partner educational organization, as well as complete several individual assignments.
Offline sessions are held every day during the terms listed below from 11:00 till 18:00.
*The changes in the schedule are possible ⎯ we will inform you in advance.
February 18-20, 2021
Term 1. Introduction to management. Evidence-based approach in education.

March 25-27, 2021
Term 2. Management and leadership.

April 22-24, 2021
Term 3. Educational content: education product development.

May 27-29, 2021
Term 4. Development and change management. Strategic management.

July 3-4, 2021
Term 5. Open presentation of the course projects. Summing up the results of the programme.
you will learn
initiate and successfully manage changes in an organization, design a strong business model, work on a flexible development strategy, and evaluate results
organize a structure of distributed horizontal leadership in the educational organization team, educate and guide people, and facilitate conflict resolution
design an educational programme and evaluate its quality by taking a didactic design approach, create an educational environment, and manage a school brand
act within process-based and product-based approaches to education: keeping up with current research, evidence-based decision making, and an iterative product development
introduction to management. evidence-based approach in education
  • an overview of modern trends in education, features of management of educational organizations today
  • online and blended learning: pros and cons
  • significance of research in education
  • action research as a tool for improving organizational practices
  • a critical approach to reading and discussing scientific articles
  • facts and myths about education
  • the basics of the scientific method
  • educational outcomes and quality control of the educational process
management and leadership
  • educational organization structure
  • leadership models and distributed leadership
  • teamwork, efficiency, and conflict resolution
  • personnel: staff development, coaching, and feedback
educational content: education product development
  • curriculum development: from goal setting to lesson planning
  • modern pedagogical approaches
  • education for children and adults, basic and continuing education
  • metrics in education, quality assessment of an educational product
  • creating an educational environment
  • marketing strategies for an educational organization, brand and brand management
development and change management. strategic management
  • business plan
  • finance and budgeting, budgeting models, budgeting in distributed management
  • methods of cost control
  • legal aspects of education
  • change management: continuous improvement and structural changes, architecture of change
  • key elements of a strategy: mission, vision, and goals
  • strategic management and strategic planning flexibility
history of education
  • history of pedagogy from ancient times to the 70s of the XX century
  • soviet experimental pedagogical schools
  • history of Eastern education
  • history of andragogy
This course consists of video lectures and tests.
course project
  • course project preparation
  • presentation skills training
  • presentation of the course project
  • final evaluation and reflection
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Купить модуль «Преподавательское мастерство»
Купить модуль «Образовательная программа как продукт»
you will
master the basics of modern approaches to educational management, have a clear understanding of their features and limitations, be able to implement them in their work.

receive diploma of professional retraining

the ready made development strategy of the educational organization
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The list of instructors to be updated
Aram Pakhchanian
Programme director, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Ayb Foundation, Head of the Ayb School in 2014 – 2020
Ian Craig
Professor at UCL Institute of Education and University of Buckingham
Ekaterina Cherkes-zade
Director of Universal University, the university for creative industries
Marina Harahordina
Head of methodological department Skillbox
Maria Sitkovskaya
Executive Director of Universal University, Dean of the Moscow Film School
Maxim Nechay
Transformational Leadership Ambassador, founder of Agent'Agency and the Leadership Community
Elena Bulin-Sokolova
General Director of the ANO "Center for the Development of the Educational Environment"
Alexey Golubitskiy
Head of the "School of the Future", a public school in Bolshoye Isakovo village
Sergey Kazarnovsky
Head of the education center No. 686 "Class-Center", a public school
Natalia Aksakova
Head of Managing Director Office, SAP Russia
Alexander Fenin
Product Researcher of the Digital School Platform by Sberbank
Petr Mazaev
Historian, head of the Social Sciences department at Khoroshkola, founder of Cultural Projects Laboratory
Tatiana Khavenson
Director of the Department of Educational Programmes, HSE Institute of Education
Elena Lopatina
Product Director at Sistema Charitable Foundation, ex-Director of Marketing Yandex Uchebnik
Anastasia Serazetdinova
Deputy director of assessment and learning dynamics in school "Olympus-plus"
Alexander Sychev
Director of Presium Education, lecturer at SKOLKOVO Business School
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120 000
An option to pay the fee in two instalments is available for individuals and legal entities. Companies covering the tuition for 3 or more employees are offered a discount.

Applicants are invited to sign a contract only after passing the interview in Zoom. Language of the programme is Russian.
start — February 10, 2022
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Для поступления необходимы: анкета-заявление, подлинник или заверенная копия документа о высшем или среднем специальном образовании, либо справка из вуза или ссуза об обучении на данный момент, 2 фотографии размером 3х4 и паспорт (предъявляется при подаче документов)
Unfortunately, admission to the programme is closed. If you want to receive information about opening, please leave your e-mail.